Vinyasa flow with Lucas

Thursdays 20:15 – 21:45

Life can be hectic sometimes, especially in a big city like Berlin. We need to juggle with work,

responsabilities, stress, family, relationships, past, future... It can be easy to be too hard on yourself or

forget yourself and loose touch with the present moment. How nice would it be to disconnect for a while

and take a look at yourself without judgment ?

Through a combination of pranayama breathing techniques, asanas, relaxation and meditation, I intend to

guide you through a journey towards your inner self. Switch off your monkey mind and discover who you

truly are. Every week I will be focusing on a different angle of the yoga practice in vinyasa flow classes

created to get you further into your practice regardless of your level.

The classes alternate between dynamic sequences aimed to make the energy circulate through your body

and restful poses to get you into a more contemplative state, in preparation for meditation. Soft electronic

music will be played in the background during the asana sequences.


Prices :

10 EUR drop-in class

30 EUR monthly pass


Contact / registration :

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