Holographic Kinetics (energy clearing)

Holographic Kinetics is an advanced healing and wellness system that accesses the spirit. It is based on Lore and the understanding that everything that exists within nature is alive and may be communicated with. It is a simple yet powerful process utilising ancient Knowledge and has been shown to assist in the healing of a wide range of issues by enabling the participant to become aware of, and clear, the origin of a problem. 


Our Success:

Our success is achieved by clearing trauma and energy locked in events, thoughts and emotions. This trauma or trapped energy can be from this lifetime, a past lifetime or passed down through the ancestral line. Holographic Kinetics allows clients to take their own non-invasive journey and understand that clearing and changing events in the past, changes the future, giving them the freedom to choose a much happier life and eliminate unacceptable patterns and behaviours. We will also clear any interdimensional interference that is associated with the issue you are looking to clear.


For things like:


 Limiting beliefs

 Fear

 Relationship issues

 Life blocks

 Repeating life patterns

 Mental health issues

 Addictions

 Abundance issues

 Weight management

 Past life issues


90min session / 70euros



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Telefon: 0152 5871 0916


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